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EPL Blocking UK ISPs

On a different note, I just wanted to say that there is something you can do yourself about the ISP blocks that effect you which would cause the big six to be a lot less compliant when the court order comes again next year. I will do my best to explain this to you so it isn’t too technical.


The ISP block is a court order from the EPL that requires the the big six ISP, in this case Sly, Vermin, TB, TalkTalk, EE and Plus Net to block servers they request during EPL matches.

The thing about the court order is that though all six ISP’s were defendants, none actually put up a defence to prevent the order as they all provide their own IP based TV service so figured it was in their favour to let themselves be forced.


This is a stark contrast to back in the day when the MPAA attempted to get the Pirate Bay blocked and they all fought back for ages because as the Pirate Bay didn’t effect their personal revenue, which meant restricting your web could cause a customer to leave for a service that doesn’t actually losing them revenue.




If you aren’t in a contract anymore or are about to end, leave any of the big six. And tell them why you left in slightly different words. Say “you want to leave because you are compliant in restricting my web experience as a customer and that you strongly believe in Net Neutrality (which is a massive thing in the States right now). As such you would rather go with an ISP that actually attempts to fight over zealous court orders that line the pockets of greedy corporations, including your own.


Now for some of you on Vermin this might seem a difficult choice as you’ll probably get worse speeds from VDSL or ADSL, but lets be honest who really needs more that 20-40 meg. I have one gig and barely use any of it.


For anyone else, phone based internet runs basically through the same system for everyone, many use a system known as local loop unbundling or just rent the service from TB Wholesale to do their own, the difference is as they aren’t apart of the court order they do not need to block a thing. So you could literally switch to anyone else, The Post Office, Vodafone, Tesco, Zen and so on.


If their customers start leaving because of them complying with the order and making no attempt to challenge it, they will soon change their stance and not play ball if the revenue lost is greater than the revenue they could gain from trying to sell your their TV service.


So in short, talk with your wallets!!!

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